YCED Carers’ Support Group

Free support group for carers of adults with eating disorders

What we do

The Carers’ Support Group at the Yorkshire Centre for Eating Disorders (YCED) aims to support people who care for anyone over 18 who is living with an eating disorder. Through sharing our knowledge and experiences, and offering empathy and understanding, we hope to help other carers support their loved one through recovery.

We are based at Seacroft Hospital, Leeds.

If you are concerned about a loved one’s immediate health you should consider contacting your GP or Accident & Emergency department.

Information about eating disorders can be found at www.B-EAT.co.uk.

Who for

You can access the YCED Carers’ Support Group if you care for an adult with an eating disorder.

How to refer

Please refer yourself via the online form.


For more detail about how we use your information, please see our Privacy Notice for the Yorkshire Centre for Eating Disorders Carers’ Support Group.

“I have been struck by [the facilitator’s] warm, empathetic manner and ability to grasp the essence of (often complex and longstanding) family situations and illness history. She is able to understand issues from multiple perspectives (parent/carer, sufferer, clinician) and provide a fresh approach and suggestions in a situation which may have previously felt very ‘stuck’. ”

– Testimonial

Partners & commissioners

The YCED Carers’ Support Group is supported by Northpoint Wellbeing and the Yorkshire Centre for Eating Disorders, part of Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.