15 August 2017 – Our 2016-17 Impact Report is now available. It provides facts and figures from the year, information on the services we provide and feedback from those we support.

3 November 2016Mindwell – a groundbreaking approach to mental health information and support

You might have already heard about MindWell, but we think it’s news worth shouting about.

MindWell ( is a new online resource which will be a single ‘go to’ place for information about mental health in Leeds.

The website is a fantastic resource for information, support and advice about mental health, including access to 24/7 crisis support.

The idea is that anyone in Leeds, including residents, GPs, employers, friends, family members and neighbours, can get quick, easy and direct access to up-to-date mental health information for themselves or anyone they may have concerns for.

MindWell is a city-wide initiative funded by the NHS which brings together resources, materials and knowledge from across the NHS in Leeds, Leeds City Council and the third sector.

It will raise the profile of mental health in the city by providing a positive and well recognised resource that also reduces the stigma of seeking help.

The site has been created through a process of ‘co-creation’ with people across the city in order to produce an easily accessed resource which has been developed to meet the needs of the people who will use it.

MindWell will provide help and information to people who want help for themselves or for other people they are concerned about:

  • Clear, accurate information about support and services available in Leeds
  • Help for what to do in a crisis or mental health emergency
  • General information about a range of common mental health problems such as anxiety and stress
  • Self-help tools and information including downloadable resources, videos and animations.

MindWell will continue to grow and develop over the next 12 months and beyond. It will be regularly updated with new content including animations, audio visual clips and digital tools.

You can find MindWell at

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