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Compliments, concerns and complaints

For you, and for everyone we support, it’s vital that we always provide the right help in the right way. So we want to hear how you feel about our services. Good or bad. Tell us, and we’ll make sure we do what we can to get it right.

Compliments, concerns and complaints

We want to know what you think of us, whether it's a compliment or a complaint. We take both very seriously, and we have a form for each below.

Happy with us? Or suggestions to make?

Thanks for taking the time to get in touch. Please send us a message using this short form:

Feedback & suggestions


If you're unhappy with us, it's often best to start with a conversation so we can fully hear what you have to say.

If your concern relates to your experience of counselling or therapy, and you're still receiving treatment, please raise this with your therapy practitioner if you can.

You can also speak informally to a service manager. Please call or email us and we'll point you in the right direction - or follow the Contact links on the relevant service page in our website, if you know which service is supporting you.

0113 245 0303

Formal complaints

If your concern is not dealt with to your satisfaction and you wish to make a formal complaint, please complete this form:

Complaint form

You will receive an immediate auto-response email with a copy of your complaint. We will then write to you within 10 working days of the date of receipt of your written concern/complaint, with the results of our initial investigation. Sometimes we will be able to respond fully at that point, and sometimes we will need to undertake further investigation.

As a result of your complaint, we may:

  • Offer an apology
  • Take steps to put matters right and explain to you how we’ve done this
  • Review our policies, procedures and practices, as appropriate
  • Ensure lessons are learned, so we can make our services as good as can be

We also monitor the number and nature of compliments and complaints received and provide regular reports to our Board of Trustees.