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We do mental health and we do it well

Many years dedicated to improving mental health have helped us build a reputation for genuine expertise – among the organisations that commission us and the people who come to us for help.

Widespread impact

In the last year, more than 28,000 children, young people and adults have come to us for support and have benefited from our expertise.

Our strategy

Our purpose is to deliver effective mental health support and to improve the mental health system in Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.

We’ve developed a 3-year strategy to support this, and our 4 priorities are shown here.

We will work in partnership to make improvements in the wider mental health system, using our expertise and experience to collaborate, drive change, and firmly establish Northpoint as the provider of choice for mental health services in Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.

We will actively develop and build our relationships with a range of partners, both within the mental health sector and beyond, to ignite positive change and innovation in service delivery.

Our people are at the heart of our organisation. We care about our colleagues and the workforce of the future. We will nurture and retain a workforce that lives our values and is supported to develop, succeed and make positive changes.

We will ensure our financial and operational sustainability, enabling more people to experience good mental health support.

Making a difference

We’re proud of the work we do and the impact it has. We’re currently developing new ways to measure and show how effective we are at meeting the needs of people who come to us for help. Meanwhile, here are some outline facts and figures.

In 2022, over 15,000 adults ...

... and nearly 13,000 children and young people received support from us ...

... and 93% felt positive about our support.

At more than 100 community venues ...

... and over 50,000 appointments.

85% of staff would recommend us as a great place to work.

A regional presence

Working with service users, partners and commissioners across the region has enabled us to develop innovative ways of supporting people with their mental health. We’ve reduced waiting times, piloted new services and offered online approaches where they’re proven to work.