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By Northpoint | 14.02.24

News regarding our Children’s Centre Counselling Service

We wanted to share some unfortunate news around our Children’s Centre Counselling Service (CCCS), which will no longer be running from the end of March 2024.

Leeds City Council, who funds the service, are currently facing an unprecedented financial situation. Because of this, they are having to cut funding for a number of services, including this one.

The council has communicated that the decision they have taken has been extremely difficult, and that they value and acknowledge the positive impact and outcomes that our service has achieved for parents, children and families in Leeds.

Leeds City Council plans to work with local authority officers to understand the impact of the service termination, ensuring that children and families are signposted to alternative services, help and support.

A look back on our longest-running service

Since its inception in 2004, our counsellors have worked with hundreds of parents, carers, and families across Leeds. The service was developed in response to a need to maximise parent and carer emotional health and wellbeing, enabling them to support and parent in the best possible way.

Working across some of the most deprived areas in Leeds, the service supported vulnerable families to ensure children were given the best start in life.

CCCS had a significant shift during the pandemic, with many of its appointments moving to a virtual space. This had a positive response from clients, giving those the opportunity to attend appointments without the barriers of childcare, travel arrangements and limited time.

All our counsellors had a significant impact on parents and carers in need, giving them space to feel heard, accepted and supported. We’re proud to have received positive feedback throughout the years, with 96% of clients feeling that their children had benefited as a result of the counselling, and 100% of clients saying they’d recommend the service to other people. Our team also helped clients improve their self-care skills and confidence as a parent, empowering them to make changes and gain more perspective.

We know this service will be missed by many – we are incredibly proud of all the hard work and commitment given by our wonderful team. We are also grateful to all parents, carers, and families we have worked with over the years.



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