Mondays & Thursdays @ Northpoint

Free assessment, signposting and therapeutic psycho‑educational group for survivors of childhood sexual abuse

What we do

Mondays @ Northpoint (women) and Thursdays @ Northpoint (men) are free emotional wellbeing services for adults who have been sexually abused in childhood.

We offer an initial appointment (up to 90 minutes) with an experienced therapist who understands. This provides a confidential space to think with a trained professional about what you have been through, and how best to move forward in your life. It also gives us a chance to think about what longer-term support is available, which could include a small group (women-only or men-only) based at Northpoint Wellbeing in Leeds.

Who for

You can access Mondays @ Northpoint or Thursdays @ Northpoint if you are:

  • aged 17 or over
  • a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

How to refer

Please refer yourself via a short online form below, to either Mondays @ Northpoint (women), or Thursdays @ Northpoint (men). We’ll contact you soon afterwards to acknowledge your referral and give you some more detailed information about the service.

MONDAYS (women) - REFER YOURSELF or a client

THURSDAYS (men) – We are currently unable to take any new referrals.

For more detail about how we use your information, please see our Privacy Notice for Mondays @ Northpoint and Thursdays @ Northpoint.

“The course was very helpful in many ways and I am thankful for the tools I have gained to move forward and the connections I have made … a really good introduction for me to get back into therapy and I found the nature of the group to be incredibly grounding for me throughout the week”.

– Testimonial

Partners & commissioners

The Mondays @ Northpoint and Thursdays @ Northpoint services are funded and run by Northpoint Wellbeing.