Calderdale Open Minds (CAMHS)

Mental health and wellbeing services for children and young people in Calderdale

What we do

Northpoint is a delivery partner in Calderdale Open Minds (CAMHS), a partnership of organisations who are commissioned to deliver signposting, advice, and mental health interventions for children and young people aged 5 to 18 and their families.

Northpoint works alongside other organisations, including South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Kooth, children’s social care, schools, school nurses, and other community-based organisations.

Open Minds provides signposting, advice and treatment services for children and young people in Calderdale experiencing emotional and mental health problems.  We deliver services from a number of accessible venues across Calderdale, including libraries, schools and children’s centres. Our practitioners make use of digital and other remote interventions as well as face-to-face work.

As part of the Open Minds partnership, Northpoint provides the following services:

  • First Point of Contact, a single point of access for all Open Minds referrals (including ASD and ADHD) in Calderdale – offering consultation, support, advice and referral guidance to parents/carers, young people and professionals in the Calderdale area
  • Therapeutic and wellbeing practitioners – delivering time-limited and evidence-based interventions to children and young people who need help
  • Mental health training to professionals – via the workforce development team and in schools
  • Schools Link Worker – working strategically with schools around mental and emotional health issues
  • Transition Support Project in schools, for children in Years 5 & 6 – working closely with partner agencies to deliver transition support

For more information about our services and how to contact us, please see our website.

Calderdale Open Minds (CAMHS) website

Who for

School-aged children up to 18 experiencing emotional or mental health problems can access the Open Minds service.

How to refer

Please refer here, whether this is for yourself or you are a parent/carer or professional referring a young person.

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The Open Minds First Point of Contact receives around

referrals each year.

“I found the referral process really helpful, and the service was accessible. The people I spoke to were professional, kind and helpful. I immediately felt reassured and knew that we would get the help we needed.”

– Testimonial

Partners & commissioners

The Open Minds partnership is commissioned by Calderdale Council and NHS Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). The partnership comprises Northpoint Wellbeing, the South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SWYT), Noah’s Ark and other partners.