Northpoint Wellbeing

Providing therapy and emotional wellbeing services across the region

Northpoint Wellbeing plays a key role in supporting mental health and wellbeing in Yorkshire.

We’re now one of the largest charitable providers of therapeutic services in the region, working with adults, children and young people.

Our mission is to improve access to a range of talking therapies in a timely manner for the whole population.

Our vision is a society where people experiencing mental health problems, distress, or disturbance can receive the support they need at the time they need it.

Our values are to be professional, responsive, collaborative & transparent.

We provide therapy to over 5000 people a year, in Leeds, Calderdale, and York. Our services provide the safe space and therapeutic input needed to help people:

  • better understand the difficulties they’re experiencing
  • consider all choices and solutions open to them
  • take steps towards making changes and finding direction

Our skilled therapeutic practitioners are experienced and effective in supporting clients with a range of mental health issues, and we have a strong and proven track record of positive outcomes for our service users.

Our services

We work in clinics, schools, GP practices and children’s centres, offering a range of treatment modalities including counselling and other exploratory therapies, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), eye movement desensitisation reprocessing (EMDR), and psychologically-informed mental health support.

We also work in partnership with innovative digital platforms, including SilverCloud and IESO digital health. Our practitioners work 1-to-1 with the majority of our clients but also facilitate group therapy sessions in a number of settings.

Our positive and enduring relationships with funders and commissioners have enabled us to expand significantly over the last decade, offering a greater range of services and helping more people in need. Our work is funded mainly through contracts with the NHS, local authorities and schools, including the major contract to deliver services to Leeds residents through Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service until 2026.

Our staff and services are accredited with professional bodies where applicable.

We make a difference

Northpoint Wellbeing plays an invaluable role in ensuring that a full range of talking therapies and other mental health support are made available as widely as possible in our region.

In 2019 we helped 5,039 adults, children and young people to make positive changes in their lives.

A recent evaluation of our work produced this word cloud, reflecting the ways we work with our service users.

As the provider of a diverse range of services, we use a variety of indicators of success. Here are a few:

98% of school pupils who received counselling from MindMate Wellbeing reported that it had helped with their emotional health.

92% of users of the Children’s Centre Counselling Service said that their family relationships had improved with the help of Northpoint counselling.

The words of Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service users reinforce the positive impact we have:

“I felt better for the time spent in counselling. It made me reflect on the past and the mistakes I realised I had made. I will spend time reflecting on these mistakes knowing I cannot rectify them. Thank you very much to my counsellor.”

“Very professional. The service and how it’s run and things work have helped me massively. I am 40 and suffered depression on and off since being 15 years old.”

Making a difference to mental health and wellbeing


therapeutic practitioners

We work with partners & commissioners

We pride ourselves on the improvements we have driven in the services we provide, working alongside partners and commissioners to improve access, flexibility and reach. We collaborate in successful partnerships with a variety of statutory and non-statutory organisations, including:

  • NHS clinical commissioning groups (CCGs)
  • NHS trusts
  • GP locality care partnerships
  • local authorities
  • schools
  • children’s centres
  • charities
  • local employers


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