York Big Futures Foundation

School and parent counselling services at selected schools in York

What we do

Big Futures Foundation (BFF) engages Northpoint Wellbeing to provide school and parent counselling services to partnership schools in York. Big Futures Foundation is a charity supporting children from disadvantaged backgrounds from age 5 to when they leave education or training at 18 or 21. BFF helps children and families build emotional resilience and improve their wellbeing and life skills.

BFF school and parent counselling services offer children and their parents/carers counselling interventions to help alleviate the stresses of difficult family situations. The aim is to allow the child to come to school relaxed, with useful coping strategies and feeling positive about their learning opportunities. Alongside this the child participates in a long-term programme to develop resilience and life skills. BFF hopes to see improved educational, work and life outcomes as a result.

Who for

Parents and children who meet the Big Futures Foundation referral criteria and attend a partnership school in York can access the BFF school and parent counselling service.

How to refer

Referrals are normally made by your child’s school. A designated member of staff within school will talk to you about the BFF counselling service and you can ask them to refer you. There may be a wait to see the counsellor, but you will be told how long you should have to wait.

For more detail about how we use your information, please see our Privacy Notice for BFF Schools in York.


of the clients we worked with said that the service had helped them, and that they were treated well.

“School staff commented that the service has helped strengthen the resilience of the children.”

– Testimonial

Partners & commissioners

BFF school and parent counselling services are provided by Northpoint Wellbeing and commissioned by Big Futures Foundation working with partnership schools in York.