Leeds Therapy Centre

Private therapy for adults

What we do

Leeds Therapy Centre hosts several experienced therapists who see clients in private practice, offering a confidential service and a range of therapeutic approaches.

These therapists work independently of Northpoint Wellbeing but are all:

  • qualified
  • members of a relevant professional body
  • clinically supervised
  • insured to practise.

Sessions are normally offered on a weekly basis and your therapist will organise appointments with you directly. They take place at Northpoint Wellbeing in Leeds.

Who for

Any adult can access private therapy from these therapists. Please refer yourself via one of the websites below:

Claire Standage

Helen Easton

Jutta Vetter

Sarah Cluley

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) is also a good source of information about private therapy and local therapists.

“My therapist really listened and made the effort to understand me. They asked important questions that led to breakthroughs.  I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone.”

– Testimonial

Partners & commissioners

Leeds Therapy Centre is supported by Northpoint Wellbeing.