Northpoint Strategy 2023-26

Stakeholder Survey 2022: Have your say on Northpoint’s goals and ambitions for the future!

By Northpoint Strategy 2023-26

Northpoint is asking our key stakeholders, staff, service users and people who live in the areas where we work to have your say on our new organisational strategy. We are currently working on this to guide our services for the next 3 years, 2023–26.

What is a strategy, and what’s in it?
Every 3 years, we put together our plan for the future. This includes looking at what we are doing now, as well as our purpose and our values, which underpin everything we do. We also identify the key impacts we want to make and how we will achieve them. Together, these elements make up our strategy.

Why are you asking me?
We want to ensure that our plans are based on what our service users, staff, delivery partners and communities want and need from us as an organisation. So we would really appreciate it if you could complete the survey and tell us what you think.

How long is the survey, and when and how do I need to complete it?
The survey will ask you a few short questions. It should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete, and will be open until midnight on Sunday 31 July, so you can complete it any time before then. It is a simple online survey, accessed via the link below.

What will you do with my responses?
The survey is anonymous, so we won’t be able to see who has said what. Once we have everyone’s responses, we will sort all the answers and a team of staff within Northpoint will look at these and use them to help formulate our goals.

Can I see the new strategy?
Yes, you will be able to see it on our website from February 2023.

I want to give my views, but I need assistance in completing the survey
If you need the survey in a different format, or some help completing it, please call our friendly admin team on 0113 245 0303, or email us at

Take the SURVEY

(If you have any difficulty following the link, try Control+click, or email us at

We would like to gather as many views as possible, so once you’ve done the survey yourself, please help us spread the word, by either retweeting our tweet on Twitter or WhatsApping your network – you could use the text below to do this:

Northpoint is asking people to give our views to shape their new strategy, guiding the charity’s work for 2023–26. I thought you might like to fill out the survey and give Northpoint your thoughts about their work for the future.
Here’s more information:
And here’s the SURVEY:

With many thanks for your time and assistance, from all of us at Northpoint.